Public IPv6 Bridges

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I'm having trouble getting IPv6 to work for my KVM/qemu guests.

I have two bridges setup, one routed (external, non libvirt) bridge for public dedicated ipv4 + ipv6 which works for both protocols.

Then I have a libvirt nat bridge (with the routed bridge as parent) with a nated ipv4 (that works) and I also want a public ipv6. I'm able to transmit udp packets out but I never get any response.

Looking at tcpdump there are incoming neighbor solicitations that get unanswered and don't get forwarded to the guest.

Do I need to set something special up for this to work? Ubuntu 22.04 / Libvirt 8.0.0

The routed bridge (pubBr) has ipv6 2001:x:x:7d8e:: - My nat bridge config below:

    <bridge name="natbr" />
    <forward mode='nat' dev='pubBr'>
        <port start='8000' end='30000'/>
    <ip address="" netmask="">
        <range start='' end=''/>
    <ip family="ipv6" address="2001:x:x:7d8e::1" prefix="64">
        <host name="test" ip="2001:x:x:7d8e:a01:2ff::"/>


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