Re: libvirt_connect_get_machine_types

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On 12/4/22 18:18, Simon Fairweather wrote:
> Using the following
> php: version 8.1.13
> php-libvirt: version 0.5.6 (build 2)
> libvirt 8.7.0
> QEMU 7.1.0
> virsh capabilities works fine.

> Any known issues with php 8 for this function, others seem to be working
> fine.

Hey, I haven't tried php-8 yet. What is the problem you're seeing?
Looking into the source code, the only thing that
libvirt_connect_get_machine_types() does is it fetches capabilities
(libvirt_connect_get_capabilities()) and then runs couple of XPATHs to
construct an associative array of supported machine types. The same can
be achieved in plain PHP.


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