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On 12/2/22 7:43 AM, Gk Gk wrote:

We have an openstack platform and we are trying to get the network details of the guest vm on the hypervisors using the python libvirt library (domain.interfaceStats) . But in cases of SR-IOV vms, the interface is not being reported by the above tool.  The interface in this case is "hostdev" in the guest xml definition. Can anyone let me know how to find out the sr-iov network interface details of the guest vm ?

Support for reporting stats of SRIOV VF-backed "hostdev" interfaces was added with commit b295f06d, which first appeared in libvirt-6.9.0. Because there is no named "netdev" type interface on the host side, you need to use the MAC address of the interface when calling virDomainInterfaceStats().

Unfortunately, the method used to get the stats for these interfaces (see the commit log for details) isn't supported by all SRIOV netdev drivers. The Intel 82559 I have uses the igb driver, which doesn't support it, so all the stats show up as "0". Even the ixgbe driver doesn't support it. According to the commit log if you have a sufficiently new (but not *too* new!) Mellanox card, then you may be in luck.

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