Re: qemu-block-rbd be removed ?

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On Sat, Nov 12, 2022 at 08:41:44 +0100, vrms wrote:

Firstly please don't start a conversation by replying to an existing one
as it gets threaded improperly.

> I am running qemu/kvm on a Manjaro Laptop. There is a thing with a package
> named ceph-libs being removed from manjaro repos apparently.
> This requires to build it from AUR which fails. The only reason for
> ceph-libs seems that apparently qemu-block-rbd depends on it. However
> nothing else seems to depend on qemu-block-rbd.
> Can anybody tell me whether in your eyes qemu-block-rbd may be save to
> remove and likewise resolve this problem?

'qemu-block-rbd' is a qemu backed for accessing ceph/RBD disks. qemu is
modular so it will work without the backend if you don't need to access
RBD storage, so you can remove the package without any problem.

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