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On Tue, Aug 09, 2022 at 12:16:13PM +0000, O'Reilly, Michael wrote:
> Hi libvirt-users,
> I've been tracking the progress of this patch 
> to enable SGX support in libvirt.
> My question is this. Who is responsible for ensuring that new functionality like SGX is also supported by virt-install?
> Is it part of the commit process to ensure virt-install can use the new functionality in libvirt, or is it up to the virt-manager community to track changes.
> And maybe this is a question for the virt-tools-list@xxxxxxxxxx list also?

Yes, that's a question best directed to virt-tools-list really.

There's no requirement to implement stuff in libvirt & virt-install at
the same time. Anyone who is interested & has time, can contribute
virt-install support separately after libvirt stuff is merged.

With regards,
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