Re: something (qemu?) is leaking

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On 23/05/2022 11:03, Michal Prívozník wrote:
On 5/23/22 11:19, lejeczek wrote:
Hi guys.

I do a simple thing which should be easy to reproduce.

-> $ virt-install -n rum1 --virt-type kvm --os-variant centos8 --memory
$((4*1024)) --disk=/VMs3/rum1.qcow2,device=disk,bus=virtio --network
network=10_3_1,model=virtio --graphics=listen= --cpu EPYC-Rome
--vcpus 3 --cdrom /VMs3/CentOS-Stream-9-latest-x86_64-dvd1.iso

During manual setup in the VM I set 'hostname' to something and when
installation begins and disk config stage takes place I can see - and
later when VM(c9s) is ready can confirm - that VG name is taken from
another VM defined/running on the host.
I'm no LVM expert, but I always thought that installer has some defaults
built in and thus it's kind of expected if you went with defaults.

But I'm kind of failing why is this a problem since all you're giving to
the guest is a single qcow2 disk which is not shared between two
domains. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something?


I did one type there in, it should have been:
... During manual setup in the VM _if_ I _do not_ set 'hostname' to something

It's a critical problem - when something leaks - the VM/guest ended up "knowing" about other VMs on the host.

Those are simple defaults for disk part of the install process:
When 'hostname' is set by a user then VG  gets name from installer set to eg. 'cs_hostname'.
When that 'hostname' is not set then it should be just 'cs'

I have a newly installed, clean VM with VG of 'cs_other-guest-on-this-host' - somehow that new VM "knew" about other guest on the host - it happened twice, two installation as with above cmd, each time with new guest's VG name of hostname of a already existing, different guest, each time different guest.

thanks, L.

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