set fixed time at vm guest startup?

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I'm looking at the <clock> libvirt parameters.

Is there a way to set the guests clock to a specific time/date at  virt startup?  I'm trying to virtualize a system with pci passthrough for a hardware device that wants to always live in pre-2011.  The license manager for the software/hardware has 31-bit overflow of time calculations.  

The current process on the physical machine is to power it on, use the bios to set the hardware date to Jan 1 2010, boot the system, use an RC script to ntp-set the date now that the hardware is up and running, and then everything works till next boot.  We even have a nice rc script that will set the clock back to 2010 if you do a clean shutdown/reboot.

I see I can set my clock sync to variable and specify a negative offset - is there a way to just say "always be jan 10 2010 when you power on"?


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