Re: Network interface element not working

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On 4/4/22 21:10, Laine Stump wrote:
That's not what the <interface> element in a <network> is used for. It's actual use is (in my opinion) not all that useful, which has led to people assuming other functionality for it that doesn't exist.

Ah.  Thanks for clarifying that.

Anyway, if you want to have a bridge device that is directly attached to a physical ethernet, then you should set up a bridge in the host OS outside the scope of libvirt, with the physical ethernet attached to it, and then configure your libvirt guests to use that bridge with, e.g.

That is how I normally do things.  In this case, I'm "piggy backing" on
a pre-existing automation setup that uses libvirt to set up the bridges.
I'm using a hook script to add the physical interface to the bridge when
the virtual network is started, which seems to be working.


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