Re: virDomainCoreDump output format

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On 3/23/22 14:19, Shelly Kagan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a small question regarding virDomainCoreDump.
> In the documentation[1] it is stated that the output is of format RAW.
> After implementing a function using this command the output file
> format that I see is ELF. I understand those formats are different, so
> is the documentation not updated? Is there a reason I will get an ELF
> format instead of RAW?
> Appreciate your help!


I believe that what you see is expected. If you'd dump memory of any
process you'll get ELF. QEMU is no exception as guest memory is in fact
QEMU's memory too. RAW is abstraction because other hypervisors (that
are not ELF based) can provide different formats.


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