Re: how to reliably shutdown domains ?

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On 3/8/22 20:25, Lentes, Bernd wrote:
> Hey guys,
> i have a two-node cluster with around 20 domains. Cluster-Software is pacemaker and corosync, OS is SLES 12 SP5.
> The scripts for starting/stopping the domains use virsh. Is there a way to reliably shutdown the domains via virsh ?
> I'm testing around, but sometimes the domains stop, sometimes they don't, sometimes it takes very long so that the cluster times out
> and fence the respective node.
> I'm using "virsh shutdown domain --mode acpi,agent" for the windows domains (not reliable) and for the linux domains
> "virsh shutdown domain", also not reliable.

In general, if agent is available it's more likely to succeed than acpi,
because the shutdown is initiated from inside the guest (/sbin/shutdown
is invoked for UNIX-like systems, or Windows equivalent) while with ACPI
a guest can simply chose to ignore it. In fact, that's what libvirt does
- whenever agent method is available (i.e. --mode contains agent, or no
specific --mode was requested = libvirt is free to chose), it is preferred.

I assume you don't see any errors reported by virsh and thus "sometimes
it takes very long" [to shutdown a guest] could mean that guests are
under heavy load, e.g. they are syncing disks before shutdown, stopping
services, etc. I don't think I have a good answer for you until the root
cause if found.


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