RE: SSH VM from outside, but not from host

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> 1) I have two network ports on my server.
>  - 	eno1 has the IP: XX1.XX1.XX1.150
>  -	bridge0 has the IP: XX2.XX2.XX2.100
>  	and has the interface member: port eno2.
>  	eno2 is not set up with an IP address.
> 2) The host runs on IP: XX1.XX1.XX1.150
> 3) A VM uses the bridge: bridge0, and has the IP: XX2.XX2.XX2.100
> I have a problem with this setup:
> I can ssh the VM on XX2.XX2.XX2.100 from outside, but from the host,
> XX1.XX1.XX1.150, I can't ssh the VM on XX2.XX2.XX2.100.

This can be anything from routing to iptables/firewall rules. Probably least likely to do with libvirt ;)
Best to troubleshoot is revert to situation where everything works as you expect it, and then do one change at a time to see when your problem appears.

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