Re: libvirtd daemon missing in LFS

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your inputs. I have looked at all the dependencies and built libvirt with the appropriate dependencies enabled. I am able to run virt-manager also, without any errors. I am trying to create a VM using virsh. I get an error saying "domain configuration does not support video mode qxl". Could you please let me know if it is libvirt related error or qemu related one?

On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 1:50 PM Peter Krempa <pkrempa@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 11:39:17 +0530, Sai Kiran Kumar Reddy wrote:
> Hi,
> There was some issue with pkg-config-path. I have fixed it. I see that it
> looks for wireshark and other dependencies. I get an error saying "remote
> driver is required for libvirtd daemon". I am not sure what this error

So you are missing some of the dependencies needed by the remote driver
which is needed for the libvirtd daemon. Similarly to what I've
suggested before can be used for any other option.

To list full configuration of the project along with options that were
selected you can run 'meson configure' from the builddir and it will
print all options:

$ meson configure

[... snipped ... ]

  Project options            Current Value                Possible Values              Description
  ---------------            -------------                ---------------              -----------
  apparmor                   auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    apparmor support
  apparmor_profiles          auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    install apparmor profiles
  attr                       auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    attr support
  audit                      auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    audit support
  bash_completion            auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    bash-completion support
  bash_completion_dir                                                                  directory containing bash completion scripts
  blkid                      auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    blkid support
  capng                      auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    cap-ng support
  ch_group                                                                             groupname to run Cloud-Hypervisor system instance as
  ch_user                                                                              username to run Cloud-Hypervisor system instance as
  chrdev_lock_files                                                                    location for UUCP style lock files for character devices
                                                                                       (leave empty for default paths on some platforms)
  curl                       auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    curl support
  docdir                                                                               documentation installation directory
  docs                       auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    whether to generate documentation
  driver_bhyve               auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    bhyve driver
  driver_ch                  auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    Cloud-Hypervisor driver
  driver_esx                 auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    esx driver
  driver_hyperv              auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    Hyper-V driver
  driver_interface           auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    host interface driver
  driver_libvirtd            auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    libvirtd driver
  driver_libxl               auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    libxenlight driver
  driver_lxc                 auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    Linux Container driver
  driver_network             auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    virtual network driver
  driver_openvz              auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    OpenVZ driver
  driver_qemu                auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    QEMU/KVM driver
  driver_remote              auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    remote driver
  driver_secrets             auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    local secrets management driver
  driver_test                auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    test driver
  driver_vbox                auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    VirtualBox XPCOMC driver
  driver_vmware              auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    VMware driver
  driver_vz                  auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    Virtuozzo driver
  dtrace                     auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    use dtrace for static probing
  expensive_tests            auto                         [enabled, disabled, auto]    set the default for enabling expensive tests (long


> means. Does it mean that I have to install wireshark or is it looking for

No wireshark is optional, only if you want to build the dissector for
the libvirt protocol as plugin into wireshark.

> something else. Could you please help me out here.

So you want -D driver_remote=enabled and -D wireshark_dissector=disabled

make sure to consult all of the options you might want.

Sai Kiran.

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