Failed in using LD_PRELOAD to hook mmap system call in qemu(through libvirt)

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Dear sir: 
    I want to hook mmap system call in qemu, and I use libvirt to passthrough the environment argument like this:
  <qemu:env name='LD_PRELOAD' value='/'/>
    But it failed. I can hardly find out what is the matter! The log in libvirt like this:
ERROR: object '/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.
    Firstly, I think it's the problem of authority. But the file has been done with command `chmod 777`.
    My environment is as follows: Ubuntu 18.04.2 Linux 5.4.0-92 libvirt 4.0.0 qemu 2.11.1
    Look forward to your feedbacks.

    Sincerely yours

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