Best way to install guest when it is not listed in output of osinfo-query os

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Hello all,

I would like to install Debian Bullseye using virt-install, as part of
the command I usually specify the OS used with the option '--os-variant'.
This works great untill Buster ('debian10'), but now the guest is
Bullseye ('debian11') and is not listed in the output of 'osinfo-query
os' (1).

If I don't use the '--os-variant' flag I get the following warning:

"WARNING  No operating system detected, VM performance may suffer.
Specify an OS with --os-variant for optimal results."

Should I ignore the warning or what is the best way forward to install a
Debian Bullseye guest?

Both the host and the guest are  Debian 11.


John Doe

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