Re: Guest vm doesn't recover after the nfs connection resume

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On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 03:35:42PM +0800, Liang Cong wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Thanks for your reply. I tried the nfs hard mount, and got the same
> behavior of the soft mount.
> But in the /var/log/message, got nfs server recovery message which is not
> printed when mounting as soft mode.
> Dec 14 02:12:47 test-1 kernel: nfs: server ip not responding, still trying
> Dec 14 02:13:39 test-1 kernel: nfs: server ip not responding, timed out
> *Dec 14 02:14:34 test-1 kernel: nfs: server ip OK*
> Dec 14 02:14:34 test-1 kernel: NFS: __nfs4_reclaim_open_state: Lock reclaim
> failed!
> According to my understanding the vm boot process will not recover(the vm
> is still in running state, never paused) to normal until restarting the vm
> guest.
> And it is not the issue of libvirt or qemu, it is just the correct behavior
> with the nfs connection timeout, right?

With 'hard' mount I would not expect QEMU/guest to see any errors
at all, though your messages here about 'Lock reclaim failed' are
a little concerning as it suggests something is not working right
wth NFS. This is beyond my knowledge of NFS though.

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