Fwd: Installing virtiofs drivers on Windows 11....

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Hello to everyone.

I'm testing Windows 11 with bhyve and I've found an annoying problem that prevents me from completing some tasks that I'm working on.

It seems that the virtio-9p driver does not work inside the Windows 11 os emulated with bhyve and maybe also with qemu-kvm. When Windows 11 is launched,I don't see the folder "mnt" mounted on the root folder of Windows 11. Below you can see which bhyve parameters I've used :

bhyve -S -c 4 -m 8G -w -H \
-s 0,hostbridge \
-s 1,ahci-cd,/home/marietto/Downloads/virtio/virtio-win-0.1.208.iso \
-s 2,ahci-hd,/mnt/da0p1/Backups/OS/bhyve/Windows/win11.img \
-s 3,fbuf,tcp=,w=1440,h=900,wait \
-s 8,virtio-net,tap0 \
----> -s 9,virtio-9p,sharename=/mnt \
-s 30,xhci,tablet \
-s 31,lpc \
-l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_UEFI.fd \

Investigating a little bit more and reading from this tutorial :

I've realized that there should be some problem with the WinFsp - Windows File System Proxy and or with the virtiofs PCI device driver because I'm not able to enable the virtiofs service with the command used on the tutorial :

C:\> sc start VirtioFsSvc

it gives the error : "the dependency service does not exist or it has been marked for the elimination.
I've attached some screenshots to help you to understand what's happening.

Please help me,thanks.

Attached screenshots :



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