Re: Are secrets hidden from admins too - ?

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On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 12:57:28PM +0100, lejeczek wrote:

> > > Last one - would by any chance you/Redhat have a schedule for Libvirt with
> > > SEV to go into RHELs/CentOS Stream?
> > TL;DR
> > 
> > It's been there for a while, we added SEV support in libvirt 6.5.0 and the
> > libvirt version in current RHEL-8 is 7.0.0. I don't remember (even if I could
> > I could not discuss it) the strategy, but CentOS Stream 8 will likely have
> > a libvirt version >7.0.0.
> Any chance you(with/via Redhat) could push in something more on pair with
> what is in RHEL, as you explained?
> At present CentOS Stream seems to have mere 6.0.0.x version.
> many thanks, L.

Sorry, for such a late notice. Well, only the base Stream has libvirt 6.0.0.
Then there's the Advanced Virt "stream" which can be installed with:


The libvirt version available through this channel is 7.6.0


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