Re: internal error: Network is already in use by interface virbr0

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On 9/17/21 19:04, Jim Fehlig wrote:
> On 9/17/21 10:46, Laine Stump wrote:
>> On 9/17/21 7:11 AM, Michael Ströder wrote:
>>> When restarting libvirtd itself I see the following syslog warning
>>> message:
>>> libvirtd: 5733: warning : netcfIfaceRegister:1287 : Failed to initialize
>>> libnetcontrol.  Management of interface devices is disabled
>> That's unrelated and unimportant. Most probably the libvirt APIs
>> affected by that have *never* operated properly on openSUSE (it uses a
>> "netcf-lookalike" that, AFAIU, accepts the same XML as netcf and has
>> some of the same functions, but was never really "complete", and is
>> probably just as much abandonware as netcf (which was abandoned, by
>> me, last year)), and it's likely that you never had the libnetcontrol
>> package installed at all, and have always had this warning but just
>> didn't notice it until now.
> On SUSE this generally means NetworkManager is being used on the host
> instead of wicked.

Yes, this host (laptop) uses NetworkManager.

> If the host is using wicked, most of libvirt's
> interface management APIs work, but with some limitations as you note.

Ah, good to know that there are differences. On my other host I'm using

Ciao, Michael.

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