Re: virsh domifaddr domain does not show static IP

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On 9/9/21 10:07 PM, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:

Thanks Laine for the detailed explanation. The below command worked. Thanks a lot and appreciate it.

virsh domifaddr testdobssbahrainms --source agent

Name       MAC address          Protocol     Address
  lo         00:00:00:00:00:00    ipv4 <>
 eth0       52:14:00:74:11:14    ipv4 <>

Is there a way to find out the Static IP address if the KVM Guest VM instance is shut off? Thanks in advance.


In the case of --source agent, the guest must be queried, and the guest is no longer running so it can't answer. In the other cases, libvirt is looking for the name of the tap device used by the guest interface, but the tap device no longer exists. So libvirt doesn't provide any method.

However, if the guest was recently running, there may still be an entry left in the arp cache, and you would be able to see it by grepping (on the host, of course) for the guest's MAC address, like this:

   arp -an | grep 52:14:00:74:11:14

That's not going to work if the guest has been down for longer than the timeout of the arp cache though (or if the guest hasn't communicated with the host in any manner for that amount of time).

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