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On Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 09:45:37PM +0200, Gunnar wrote:
I am trying to install esxi7 inside a KVM machine

   virt-install --name=esxi7 \
   --vcpus=2 \
   --memory=4096 \
   --disk size=33 \

the installation process starts but does not get fails with a "No
network adapters" error. This does not happen with other VM's.
What do I have to add to above command in order to attach the default
network adapter to the machine?

First look if the machine has any network interface.  If it does, the
guest OS probably does not support the model, so you can change that.
If it does not have one, then you probably want to use '--network
network=default' in your virt-install command and you can always look
that up in the man page as well (e.g. man virt-install).

or is there any other trick I have to be aware of when it comes to
installing ESXi

No idea as I have never installed anything like that.

thx ... Gunnar

Hope that helped,

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