ERROR Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.

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I am running the below command to spawn Ubuntu 18.04 based Virtual Machine using KVM based technology. 

#virt-install --version 

virt-install --name=snipeitassetmanagement --file=/linuxkvmguestosdisk/snipeitassetmanagement.img --file-size=40 --nonsparse --vcpus=2 --ram=8096 --network=bridge:br0 --os-type=linux --os-variant=ubuntu18.04 --graphics none --location=/linuxkvmguestosdisk/var/lib/libvirt/isos/ubuntu-18.04.5-live-server-amd64.iso --extra-args="console=ttyS0"

Starting install...
Retrieving file .treeinfo...                                                                                                                                                         |    0 B  00:00:00
Retrieving file content...                                                                                                                                                           |    0 B  00:00:00
Retrieving file info...                                                                                                                                                              |   70 B  00:00:00
ERROR    Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.
Domain installation does not appear to have been successful.
If it was, you can restart your domain by running:
  virsh --connect qemu:///system start snipeitassetmanagement
otherwise, please restart your installation.

Any clue and i look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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