Re: openVswitch won't get to a virtual IP

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On 14/07/2021 16:12, Michal Prívozník wrote:
On 7/14/21 3:54 PM, lejeczek wrote:
Hi guys.

Among all the mailing lists I'm subscriber of this one I thought, would
where chances to find 'openvswitch'+'libvirtd' experts to share thoughts
& suggestions should be grater.

A case:
a) all guests are KVM.
b) I have NM managed OVS bridge and libvirtd network to/on that bridge
c) "regular" NM bridge and network off it in libvirt

problem is - guests on OVS network can _not_ ping a virtual IP of a
guest(s) on 'regular' bridge network, but..  can ping "actual" IP of
that same guest(s) okey.
I'm not sure what you mean by: "actual" IP of that same guest.

But in general, if you have two bridges you also have two separate
subnets. So you want to set up routing between them. And also inspect
rules that libvirt adds to its default network, because those might
clash with your setup.


No need to complicate..
guestOVSa <-> guestBRa => pings OK
guestOVSa <-> guestBRa virtual IP = cannot ping, "Destination Host Unreachable"
The host on which guestOVSa resides pings both those IPs OKey.

thanks for response Michal.

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