Re: unaccessible directory in lxcContainerResolveSymlinks

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On 6/22/21 6:17 PM, Priyanka Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> Could someone pls let me know when this condition could possibly arise?
> lxcContainerResolveSymlinks:621 : Skipped unaccessible '/flash/dir'
> The code seems to call access('/flash/dir', F_OK) which shall only check
> for existence of this directory '/flash/dir'. I have this directory
> created on my host. Is there anything that I am missing?

Hey, looking into the code the function is ran from a mount namespace
thus the path may not exist. But is there a problem you are seeing? If
so, can you share your LXC XML and describe the problem? I mean, the
message you mention is just a debug printing, harmless.


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