Re: KVM Virtual Machine Network - Guest-guest/VM-VM only network (no host/hypervisor access, no outbound connectivity)

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On 6/11/21 7:22 PM, Eduardo Lúcio Amorim Costa wrote:
I know that with the *virsh* command I can create several types of networks (a "NAT network", for example) as we can see in these URLs...

KVM network management <>
KVM default NAT-based networking <> (page 33)

*QUESTION:* How can I create a network (*lan_n*) where only guests/VMs have connectivity, with no outbound connectivity and no host/hypervisor connectivity?

(Just to be sure I'm understanding correctly - you want the guests on this network to have connectivity to each other, but not guest<->host, and nothing beyond the host, correct?)

Normally the guests would get their DHCP-assigned IP address from the host, and use the host for DNS, but since you want to forbid guest<->host communication, that implies that either one of the guests on the network will act as DHCP/DNS server, or that the guests will have statically configured IP addresses.

That being the case, all you really need is to define a libvirt virtual network that has no IP address on the host, e.g.:


(It *might* be necessary to add "ipv6='yes'" immediately after "network" in order for IPv6 connectivity to work, but I'm not sure and don't have a setup to try it right now).

*NOTE:* The connectivity to other resources will be provided by a *pfSense* firewall server that will have access to another network (*wan_n*) with outbound connectivity and other resources.

Yes, this is a common config - have a "super-isolated" network for all the guests + the firewall VM, and then the firewall VM has a 2nd interface that connects everyone to the outside.

|Network layout... [N]wan_n ↕ [I]wan_n [V]pfsense_vm [I]lan_n ↕ [N]lan_n ↕ ............................. ↕ ↕ ↕ [V]some_vm_0 [V]some_vm_1 [V]some_vm_4 [V]some_vm_2 [V]some_vm_5 [V]some_vm_3 _ [N] - Network; _ [I] - Network Interface; _ [V] - Virtual Machine. |

Sigh. Stupid email client formatting - your original ASCII diagram looked nice, but just look at what Thunderbird did to it when I hit reply :-/ (fortunately I didn't need to refer to it)

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