Re: error when building from git checkout

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On Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 07:21:59AM +0800, Jiatong Shen wrote:
> Hello community,
> I am trying to compile libvirt from source but being trapped with following
> error message when running ninja -C build
> ninja -C build
> ninja: Entering directory `build'
> [1/12] Generating virkeyname-osx.html with a custom command
> FAILED: docs/manpages/virkeyname-osx.html
> /home/sjt/.local/bin/meson --internal exe --capture
> docs/manpages/virkeyname-osx.html -- /usr/bin/xsltproc --stringparam
> pagesrc docs/manpages/virkeyname-osx.rst --stringparam builddir
> /home/sjt/src/c/libvirt/build --stringparam timestamp 'Thu Jun  3 23:11:25
> 2021 UTC' --nonet ../docs/subsite.xsl docs/manpages/
> docs/manpages/ parser error : Double hyphen
> within comment: <!-- This file is auto-generated from keymaps.csv
> Data
>   keymap-gen --lang=rst --title=virkeyname-osx --subtitle=Key name values
> for os
>              ^
> any advice on how to fix it? thank you very much

Can you please apply

and try again?

If that works for you, I'll submit the patch to the mailing list.
Feel free to provide a Tested-By tag.

Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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