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On May 22, 2024, at 16:32, Samuel Sieb <samuel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> By “SFTP” do you mean FTP over SSL/TLS, or the OpenSSH “sftp” backend which runs over the SSH protocol? Two completely different protocols.
>> I suspect that lftp just calls out to the OpenSSH sftp binary if it uses SSH.
> Sort of.  It calls "ssh" to run "sftp" on the other end.

I think you’re confusing OpenSSH’s “sftp” with their “scp”, which calls the remote scp when it runs, and which it’s why it’s not considered secure and is often disabled.

The local sftp client uses the SSH protocol to invoke the sftp subsystem on the remote sshd, which can be configured to either use an internal sftp server or call out to an “sftp-server” binary.  You can also use ForceCommand to run that executable for certain users, essentially making it an sftp-only account.

Either way, it’s going over the SSH port and all access is handled via the SSH’s config.

Jonathan Billings
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