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On May 21, 2024, at 05:01, Frederic Muller <fred@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I thought someone here could help me out. I am using lftp to automate some file copy on Ubuntu 20.04. The originating server is switching to SFTP and I have about a week for testing. It works fine by default with F40.

On ubuntu it seems by default lftp is not compiled with sftp support as I didn't get any trace of using ldd.

I then removed it, compiled a new version with sftp support, checked with ldd for and got it but it is still not working. Any idea what could be the problem then, or how to further troubleshoot?

By “SFTP” do you mean FTP over SSL/TLS, or the OpenSSH “sftp” backend which runs over the SSH protocol? Two completely different protocols. 

I suspect that lftp just calls out to the OpenSSH sftp binary if it uses SSH. 

Jonathan Billings

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