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On 5/17/24 3:56 AM, ToddAndMargo via users wrote:
On 5/17/24 03:54, ToddAndMargo via users wrote:
Hi All,

In CentOS 8, I have the following command:

       # nmcli -d
       example output:
          DEVICE  TYPE      STATE         CONNECTION
          ens3    ethernet  disconnected  ens3
          lo      loopback  unmanaged     ---

But under Fedora 39, the same command gives me

       # nmcli -d
       Error: Option '-d' is unknown, try 'nmcli -help'.

I really like the output that CentOS gives.  Is
there a way to get it back?  Not finding anything
under --help or

Many thanks,

Never mind.  I just figured it out:

# nmcli device
DEVICE  TYPE      STATE                   CONNECTION
eno2    ethernet  connected               Wired connection 2
lo      loopback  connected (externally)  lo
br0     bridge    connected               bridge-br0
eno1    ethernet  unavailable             --

I guess it used to use a dash for the options.
All you need now is an unambiguous prefix.  "nmcli d" will work.
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