Re: statistics on Fedora and RHEL usage

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On May 12, 2024, at 09:39, Michael D. Setzer II via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Has some info. #18 topic has Ubuntu listed at just under 34%.
Debian at 16%, CentOS at 9.3%, RedHat at 0.8%, Gentoo at 0.5%,
and then Fedora at 0.2%. But no real clue on how they came up
with those numbers, or what kind of users those are.

Those numbers are based on public web servers running those distros, and there are a lot of caveats to even that breakdown, see the methodology of the research:

While Fedora can and is used for web services (and is much more common in the cattle-not-pets style of container web services), a lot of the more traditional server practices requires a stable, unchanging web service platform which you see in RHEL and other LTS distros. 

It’s unlikely you’ll ever get good stats on desktop distro usage breakdown, if you consider how angry the community got when Fedora simply *proposed* tracking. The only thing I can think of: Ubuntu can track their snap store because it’s their own proprietary product and so there aren’t mirrors or alternate stores to obfuscate results, so I imagine they’ll always have ways to track users and post numbers. 

Jonathan Billings
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