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On 08/05/2024 10:18, Tim via users wrote:
On Tue, 2024-05-07 at 17:36 -0400, Jonathan Billings wrote:
Some home router/gateways will remember the hostname a system used as
part of their network, and when handing out the same IP to a new
host, re-uses the saved hostname.

I've yet to come across a home gateway that handles name resolution,
they just dole out numerical IPs from their DHCP server, it also seems
to be a bit of a rarity for a client to accept a hostname that a DHCP
server does supply (if it does).  DHCP clients can also request the
DHCP server lets them use their own hostname, and that's often ignored,

More often than not, a client would to a reverse DNS look-up on its
assigned IP to see what domain/hostname is associated with that IP
(which could be a DNS query, but first it looks in the hosts file).

Not everyone has a DNS server, or a configurable one, nor adjusts their
hosts file (often fighting with Network Mangler over it).  So:

Set your preferred hostname either in GNOME Settings (or whatever
DE’s settings) or with hostnamectl.

Which stores a setting somewhere naming itself consistently, whatever
IP address you get given.

This can get messy if you get assigned different numerical IPs from
time to time.

It occurs to me that my new 'dual-boot' problems with F40 KDE might be related to this, but I'm not clear how I could test it. I've posted both here and on the kde list.

I have two screen-devices, HDMI tv and vga monitor. By default booting is to Windows, but 'escape' early on goes to an HP-provided boot-selection sequence and grub.

Choosing "modesetting" starts booting with both screens active, but freezes shortly after a cursor appears.

"nomodeset" gives a usable system, but with the vga screen never active and final HDMI resolution fixed at 800x600.

Could this perhaps be a conflict of hostnames set at power-on and by Fedora?

John P

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