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On Mon, 6 May 2024 16:15:00 -0700
Samuel Sieb wrote:

> I'm curious what the configuration for that looks like.  Does the host 
> use the bridge interface as well?

Yep. I make the physical ethernet port on the host be a part of the
bridge (and force the bridge to use the same MAC address as the
physical port), so there is always one member of the bridge. Then
the virtual ethernet ports in the virtual machines are made part of
the same bridge.

Here's my notes on how I first set things up with network manager
(when I finally broke down and started using network manager :-).

nmcli con show
nmcli con add ifname br0 type bridge con-name br0
nmcli con add type bridge-slave ifname eth0 master br0
nmcli con down "Wired connection 1"
nmcli con up br0
nmcli con show
nmcli con mod br0 ipv4.ignore-auto-dns yes
nmcli con mod br0 bridge.mac-address nnn...
nmcli con modify br0 bridge.stp no

That last step of turning off stp is important to make the network
start rapidly. Depending on how someone else would use it the
ignore auto dns may not be appropriate.
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