Any clue what I did to nouveau?

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This is just curiosity since I fixed it by installing nvidia drivers
from rpmfusion, but here's what happened:

When I installed fedora 40 workstation, I saw that the nouveau drivers
(for the first time in years) had correctly decided to run at the
native 3840x2160 resolution of the TV I use as a monitor. I figured
I'd give them a chance this time.

I installed a bazillion or so packages (OK 4400 :-) to get the new
f40 to have the same packages as f39.

The next time I rebooted into fedora40, nouveau was now insisting
that 800x600 and 1024x768 were the only two resolutions available.
Any idea what I might have installed to make nouveau forget how
to support the proper screen resolution?

Whatever it was has no effect on nvidia, installing nvidia and
rebooting got me back to 3840x2160 with no other actions required
by me.
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