Re: can I clone from a usb flash drive to an NVMe drive?

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On 5/2/24 23:34, Todd Chester via users wrote:

On 4/29/24 17:27, ToddAndMargo via users wrote:
Hi All,

I am making up a USB flash from of Fedroa 40 MATE for
a customer to play with.

If he likes it, can I clonezilla clone it over
to his brand new NVMe drive (gpart it to expand
the extents)?


It worked !

Here is the weird thing.  I created a full install of FC40 MATE
on a 32 GB stick.  Put a bunch of cool programs on it.  Went to
boot it on the customer's machine and oh holy ...  The bios
was so screwed up that I could only get it to boot once.  After
that, if the stick was at the top of the boot order, I just
got a flashing cursor.  If I removed the stick, got a blank
screen.  It did not roll over to the next in boot order
(W11).   AAAAHHHHH!!!!

The customer came up with an idea.  He has a laptop from
his business that was given to him when he retired.  He
wanted nothing on the laptop.  So in with the stick and
perfect boot.  NO fussing with the BIOS.  Then back down
and in with Clonzilla.  Did a clone over with k2 fill
space and rescue option.  And a perfect clone and all the
space was used with the primary partition.

Will wonder ever cease.

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