Re: F40 and breaking file command change

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On 5/1/24 11:14, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
The file command changed at F40, and it includes some breaking changes. One of my scripts stopped working as expected after the F40 upgrade.

This part is now failing:

     file "${file}.tmp" | grep -q 'CSV text'

It appears the file command changed the output label or text from 'CSV text' to 'CSV ASCII text'. 'CSV text' has been used for years.

This was changed a year ago to include file encoding info:

There may be other changes lurking in the updated file command.

That's very likely.

The issue was reported at < <>>.

This isn't a Fedora issue. The package maintainer isn't going to revert a useful upstream change like that.

When you change software versions, it's up to you to check for any changes. This is a really minor change.
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