Re: crippling nvidia display issue. [SOLVED]

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On 4/11/24 11:19 AM, home user wrote:
(f-38; stand-alone work station; nvidia graphics card; dual monitor; kmod 4xx driver)

I just finished doing a "dnf upgrade" as a prerequisite step to upgrading from f-38 to f-39.
There were no hints of any problems.  The kernel and the graphics driver were replaced during this "dnf upgrade".
The akmods did finish before I rebooted.
The shutdown took 5 minutes because it ran akmods (a second time?!).
During the boot-up, there was a message that it was failing back to nouveau.
The display is not working properly; only one monitor is being used and everything is oversized in the display.
I am not comfortable proceeding with the f-38 to f-39 upgrade with the work station in this condition.

Important: I have only one old kernel.  I have no rescue kernel.

How do I get this workstation working properly?

Thanks to the new RPM fusion nvidia-470xx driver,
and it being reported in this list on April 24,
and great off-line help,
this problem was solved this past weekend.

I was able to do the f-38 to f-39 upgrade today.
More likely than not, it was the smoothest full upgrade of the 22(?) I've done.

Thank-you to all who helped or tried to help.
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