Re: can I clone from a usb flash drive to an NVMe drive?

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On Mon, Apr 29, 2024 at 8:27 PM ToddAndMargo via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

I am making up a USB flash from of Fedroa 40 MATE for
a customer to play with.

If he likes it, can I clonezilla clone it over
to his brand new NVMe drive (gpart it to expand
the extents)?

You should be able to use an external NVMe. Or an external SSD, too. There are plenty of HowTo's and questions about it: <>.

Here's another option... Use the thumb drive, but buy one that has a SSD with a USB interface. Something like <>. The 400+ MB/s is very good performance.

These are the types of thumb drives that were used for the Windows2Go installs. The drives are fast enough to run an actual operating system. In fact, I keep one around with Windows installed so I can flash BiOS and UEFI on machines that run Linux.

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