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On Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 1:21 AM ToddAndMargo via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

I "Finally" have a customer interested in Fedora.  I
talked him into letting me spin a Live USB flash drive
for him to play with before we jump ahead.

I'm seeing some large organizations interested in getting away
from Windows -- they can drop in systems (ones that won't run 
Win 11 and otherwise headed to a reseller/recycler) with Linux
configured for their use cases.

Question:  Is there a way to use the extra space on the
drive to install a few more programs for him to experiment

The Live USB isn't suitable for such demo installs.   Fedora 
runs well on portable USB3 SSD's (I have one NVMe and one
SATA case with 128 and 256 GB drives removed from Windows 
systems that needed more space).  These give "full" experience. 
Nvidia graphics may be an issue -- the Live Environment provides 
nouveau which may not meet the needs of some users.
Over the years I've introduced Unix (SGI IRIX64, NeXT) and Linux 
to many users (mostly PhD level biologists whose previous experience 
was on Windows or macOS) because they needed to use some niche 
command-line software for batch processing.

A few users refuse to use command-line and shell processing, and would
spend days with an editor creating a ".bat" script and fixing typos in 100's 
of lines that only differed in file names.  

Users new to Linux need (now more than ever as web searches increasingly 
provide bad advice) to have a trustworthy reference such as Linux Command
on their machine.   For Fedora, you might add basic references for journalctl 
and SElinux. 

George N. White III

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