Re: The best way to still use Fedora + Xorg + Gnome ... even after version 40

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Tim:  (re xeyes)
>> My guess would be that something monitoring mouse movements when those
>> mouse movements could be related to another app is considered insecure.
>> Well, *I* would consider it insecure if any app could see what I was
>> doing with the mouse at any time.

Michael Hennebry:
> Not obvious.
> Presumably most GUIs would need to monitor the mouse.
> Presumably most GUIs would be started by the owner of the mouse.
> If xeyes is not allowed, presumably gnome-screenshot --include-pointer
> is not allowed either.
> If the issue is looking outside one's window,
> presumably gnome-screenshot is not allowed at all.

I'm thinking more in principle than specifics...  If xeyes could do it,
so could something else, so one might forbid the practice in general. 
Which leaves you with two approaches, allowing certain exceptions, or
never allowing dual monitoring of movements.  Which one would be easier
and safer?

It's one thing to observe the mouse has moved, to nudge the screensaver
timer, for instance.  But it's another thing to track the movements

Tangentially related, nefarious keylogging springs to mind.  If only
one thing at a time could monitor what you type, and nothing else could
pretend to be a keyboard and pass them through, software key loggers
would be harder to implement.  Your key entries only going into what
you intend them to.  Something that tried to intercept them would
apparently stop the keyboard from working - your typing wouldn't appear
where you expected it to, as you typed.

Of course that would break global hotkeys, and on-screen keyboards.

Ideas about security always seem to mess up something else.  SELinux is
like that.

uname -rsvp
Linux 3.10.0-1160.114.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Mar 20 15:54:52 UTC 2024 x86_64
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