Re: The best way to still use Fedora + Xorg + Gnome ... even after version 40

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On 4/17/24 12:30, Go Canes wrote:
On Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 1:48 PM John Mellor <john.mellor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

With X being a completely unmaintainable mess, all new and bugfix
development stopped about 2 years ago.  Most disturbing is that for the
last 2 years there have been essentially no security fixes as a result.

I have heard that there have been no security fixes, and also that
there have.  I understand that there is little to no "development" in
the X11 space, but as a mature product it doesn't need development so
much as a proper "X12".

Some of the original X developers
started Wayland as X reimagined 45 year later for the 21st century

This was a "good idea".


From what I read X11 suffered from mission creep and a lot of features that should have been in the compositors ended up in X11 and will never be in Wayland. That means some features will disappear until re-engineered by the different teams and only if they decide it's worth their effort.

One feature I make heavy use of is the ability to "shade" or roll windows up/down into/from the title bar. A plasma6 guy said that if shading is not in Wayland then it's probably kaput because he doesn't see anybody with the knowledge and willingness to implement it.

I have no idea what else will be lost but it is those features that may take years to reappear, if ever.

Hope I'm still here then, hahaha.

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