Re: F40: mock fails with (some) explicit paths in BuildRequires:

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Todd Zullinger writes:

> So, can anyone tell me why %{_includedir}/ltdl.h, which is
> /usr/include/ltdl.h, got rejected by mock+dnf5, but %{__make}, which is
> /usr/bin/make was just peachy?

Using file or directory paths in requires is only allowed
for /usr/bin /usr/sbin, and /etc, per the packaging

I didn't dig through the dnf5 changes for a link, but I
believe that it doesn't support such out-of-scope path
dependencies like /usr/include.

The odd thing is that dnf5 repoquery works for any path. I just checked, and it told me which package provides /usr/include/ltdl.h

This may very well be a packaging guideline for Fedora, but I would think that rmplint would be the one complaining. mock must be attempting to resolve this dependency on its own, because if it's up to dnf5 it wouldn't have any problems with it. I wonder what rpmbuild in F40 will say, here…

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