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On Sat, Mar 30, 2024 at 1:08 PM Dave Ihnat <dihnat@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Didn't see this go by, but it looks hot enough to risk a repeat posting.
> From a friend:
>   It appears there's been a very serious effort to backdoor sshd on
>   Linux via the xz compression/decompression system.
>   If you have anything running very recent Linux, it's worth investigating
>   whether you're affected.

Lasse Collin, the author of xz, published a statement at

And to be clear, the bad actor is Jia Tan. Lasse appears to be
collateral damage.

>   IBM Red Hat says, if you're running Fedora 40 or Fedora Rawhide:
>   > RAWHIDE INSTANCES for work or personal activity.
>   The identity that did this got to the point of being not only an xz
>   maintainer but a Linux kernel contributor, and contributed to a number
>   of other Open Source projects as well over the course of years. The
>   identity may have been compromised to do this, or may have been created
>   to do this, and may have used other contributions to build rapport or
>   to compromise more projects as well.

Jia Tan pulled his shenanigans on libarchive, too:

> I looked at the detection script available at the URL in the posting. It's
> harmless at worst (don't know yet if it can detect anything).

Here are Debian and Gentoo bugs tracking the issue:


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