Re: After having updated nvidia drivers, cannot start obs

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On 30/03/2024 16:55, Joe Zeff wrote:
On 03/30/2024 10:43 AM, Francis.Montagnac@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Have you wait for akmods to compile the nvidia kernel modules before
rebooting ?

Unless things have changed considerably since I used those drivers, the akmod module runs at boot, and checks to see if it needs to do anything.  If it does, it rebuilds the kmod; if not, it simply exits.  Running it after an update and before reboot is just making sure it gets done and can be skipped if you don't mind the extra few seconds during boot.  I never bothered and never had any problems letting them do their jobs as they were designed to do.

The rpmfusion nvidia howto says it may take 5 minutes to build. That's a long time to wait with no obvious progress during a reboot. It's much more comfortable to wait until the builds (maybe for several kernels) are complete before triggering the reboot. And ISTR that graphically selecting a restart early can give problems too.

systemctl show-jobs can show progress, and then systemctl reboot.

John P
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