Re: HP elitedesk 705 G1 mt will not boot from dvd

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On 3/24/24 18:43, Michael Hennebry wrote:
I've been trying to get an HP elitedesk 705 G1 mt to boot from dvd.
So far no luck.
I've managed to get DVD listed as the
first boot entry for both UEFI and legacy.
The machine seems to try and fail.
The error messages go by rather fast.
I think I've seem things like "invalid header" and "no such file",
but am not as sure as I'd like to be.
Most recently I tried and failed with

Any idea what I should try next?

My late girlfriend used it.
I remember her password,
which is why she is not on the sudo list.
I do not remember either the root password or my own.

Condolences on the loss of your girlfriend. I'm sorry.

If the system was set up for legacy BIOS mode, changing it to UEFI mode will typically mean that the UEFI can't "see" the necessary disk partitions you need to boot. I would set it back to however it was when you started trying this so it boot off your existing partitions.

You can also create bootable media using a USB thumb drive if you follow the instructions at There's a section on how to do it from Windows or MacOS, too.

To recover the root password, you can do this:

Then you can log in with root privileges and recover whatever is on the disk.

If you need additional help, post here and we'll help.

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