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Dave Close wrote:
> Tim wrote:
>> Adam Mercer wrote:
>>> I've been using some of the earlier 115.x builds that showed up
>>> for F38 witout issue. This morning I built 115.2.2, from the F39
>>> source RPM using mock, and so far it's been running without issue...
>>Well, I might disagree.  Your message was extremely scrambled by the
>>GPG/PGP process.
>>What I see is mostly unhandled MIME coming through raw.  Headers in the
>>message body, mangled body content, undecoded signature MIME content,
>>then two PGP attachments, etc.
> The problem could be your Evolution. Adam's message seemed just fine
> when I saw it using exmh.

The problem is that the message uses inline PGP¹ and it does
not escape the leading ------- characters which are part of
the 'Original Message' delimiter.

Mutt reports the following from gpg when trying to process
the message signature:

    gpg: unexpected armor: ------- Original Message -------\n
    gpg: invalid armor header: On Sunday, September 24th, 2023 at 06:36, stan via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:\n

Mutt does display the message properly then.

There is also an attached public key and then that has a
detached signature as well, which seems odd and not likely
to be useful.  I have no idea why Proton Mail would do that,
if it is the mail agent responsible for it.

¹ Technically, the sentence could end there and it would
  still be reasonably accurate. ;)


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