Re: EFI and fedora

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On 9/25/23 20:44, Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, Bill Cunningham <bill.cu1234@xxxxxxxxx> said:
On 9/25/2023 4:44 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, Bill Cunningham<bill.cu1234@xxxxxxxxx>  said:
There's no magic reserved space outside partitions that is used for
booting anymore.  The firmware finds the device, reads the partition
table to find the correct partition, mounts that partition and reads the
configured executables from it.
OK I see, thanks exactly what I was asking. So if for some reason
you wanted to save boot code, I guess, you would save partitions and
Yes.  And maybe I guess dump out the EFI boot variables somewhere
(output of "efibootmgr").
all in /boot/efi, save as a package
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