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On Sun, 2023-09-24 at 15:44 -0400, Jonathan Billings wrote:
> Perhaps someone created a partition table on the device, but then
> wrote a FAT32 filesystem to the raw device, and the bits on the only
> filesystem look close enough like filesystem entries to confuse
> tools?

If someone uses more than one partition tool on a drive, you can end up
with conflicting results.

Some tools set info in the boot section, and a back-up somewhere else. 
Some tools handle just the boot section.  Some tools get confused when
the boot section and back-up don't agree with each other.  Others don't
give a damn, and ignore the secondary info.  Never mind the tools which
have different ideas about doing the same things.

Same goes with formatting.  I wouldn't externally format a drive using
different tools and expect it to be problem free.

As a wacky example, I renamed a SD card on a Mac (which changes some
parameters at the start of the SD card, but shouldn't do anything
else).  When I put that SD card into a recorder, it had to reformat
the card.  Fortunately this was a blank card that I was doing an
experiment on.
uname -rsvp
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