Re: restoring fedora boot manager

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On 9/21/23 17:23, Bill Cunningham wrote:

On 9/21/2023 8:11 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Also with UEFI, it's preferred to have the HDD/SSD's preferred OS as top priority, and to use the BBS hotkey whenever an alternative boot device is desired instead.

Does that mean you use a F key to boot from a USB stick? My UEFI is always putting the OS before the USB stick. I have to change it to boot from a USB stick. How do you use this "BBS Hotkey?

There's usually a function key that you can press right as the BIOS is initializing (the same point you would press a key to enter the BIOS configuration) that brings up a menu of boot options you can select from. Which key it is depends on the brand of BIOS and sometimes it needs to be enabled first.
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