Re: Regex version mismatch.

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On 19/09/2023 14.32, Michael D. Setzer II via users wrote:
Seeing this message pop up after doing su??

Regex version mismatch, expected: 10.42 2022-12-11 actual: 10.40

Found page that talks about this command to fix it, but it fails??

# semodule -B
Failed to resolve allow statement at
Failed to resolve AST
semodule:  Failed!

I vaguely recall having seen something like this. It turned out (in my case) to have nothing to do with the installed version, but it was a pcre version recorded in one of the generated selinux files which had been generated with an older version of pcre. The fix was to regenerate that file.

Unfortunately, I don't remember which file this was or how I regenerated it.

Sjoerd Mullender
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