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> Am 16.09.2023 um 14:12 schrieb Philip Rhoades via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> People,
> I want to scroll through doc pages in a script loop doing a screenshot for each page eg the procedure would be:
> 1. Display the first page of the doc you want to screenshot.
> 2. Hit CTRL-PrtScrn (say) to start the script loop.
>   The script does a screenshot of the current screen.
>   The Right Arrow or PageDn key is sent from the script to advance the doc to the next page.
>   The script continues to loop . .
> 3. The script is stopped by CTRL-C (say).
> Is this possible?  Should I be trying to do this from Sway?
> Thanks,
> Phil.

I suppose, a script (bash) won’t work. But most GUIs have a kind of ‚keyboard macro recorder‘ which records your keystrokes, enables you to edit it and to replay it as often as you like.

But I don’t know anything about Sway.

A question OT (sorry for that)

I found a post by you on regarding installation of Jitsi on Fedora (

Did you made progress with that?

I’m on my way to install Jitsi on Fedora Server using container and write documentation about it.

Thanks in advance.


Peter Boy

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