Re: Cloning disk with dd give me "Error while writing to /dev/sdc: Unit full"

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Once upon a time, Jon Ingason <jon.ingason@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> I am trying to clone /dev/sdb, Hitachi HTS545050A7E380, 465.76 GiB,
> to /dev/sbc, Samsung SSD 870 EVO 500G, 465.76 GiB.
> $ sudo dd if=/dev/sdb bs=4MB of=/dev/sbc bs=4MB conv=noerror,sync

Is it really "sbc", or is it "sdc"?  I expect it's the latter, and you
just wrote a new file called "sbc" in /dev, which is a special
filesystem (that's only 4M) and you just filled it up.

Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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